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acer gd235hz display problem Answered

Hi there,

I've got an acer gd235hz monitor, It's been working fine until one day It just died out..

It'll turn on, display the acer logo and turn off.

I did some research and found It could be bad capacitors.

I took the monitor apart and found the 3 main capacitors that control that problem.

Oddly enough, they look fine. There not blown up like a balloon. 

Should I replace them anyways? 

1,000 uF
16 V


If so, What capacitor brand should I go for?

I found this one: Life time rating up to 10,000 Hours @ 105C


Last Question..

When I took the monitor apart, I found this on the back of the Display Board..

What is it?


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5 years ago

Your worried about that metal piece. That is a grounding strap. Makes contact with the metal frame/heat shield of the monitor. Make sure it goes back in correctly so it's not shorting anything on the board.

The problem may or may not be in the power supply and may or may not be due to bad capacitors. It will take some testing and troubleshooting and you may not be able to find the actual problem.