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"add to this guide (paste urlString)" Answered

Is this a new feature, where everyone can add stuff to a guide, or is it a bug?

It appears above the Author box in Guides



8 years ago

That's a bug. Only the author of the guide should have access to that interface. Hopefully Staff (hi, Rachel!) will deal with it soon.

Still seeing it, but it doesn't function.

E.G add a URL and the orange banner says:
400 -- no instructable: https://www.instructables.com/id/[blah blah blah]/

That's weird, I've been playing around for a while, going to different Instructables trying to find one that has this, logging in with different accounts that have different privileges, and I'm not getting that at all.

I do get a bar that has no information in it.  I'm in Firefox 3.6.12 though, what are you using?


Reply 8 years ago

Matt, if it's any help in tracking this down. The same data entry box appears at the very bottom of the "Staff:" box, for Guides only. I haven't tested whether it does anything, because I don't know how to remove something if I accidentally add it.


Reply 8 years ago

Baaaah! If you don't try it...how do you know if it's going to be any fun!

I figure if you manage to break something, it'll be more incentive for us to fix it...kekeke.

...or is that flawed logic?