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adding a push-button Answered


I'd appreciate any advice regarding this potential project. 

I would like to take a regular old basic laser pointer and hack it so that I can turn it on and off with a push button, at a short distance, and connected by wire. 

The original device may have a rubber button on the side or back, or maybe it's turned on with a twist, or maybe something else. That would have to be left 'on' -- or, better yet, bypassed.  Because I want to be able to activate it by pressing and holding down a button, just like a doorbell.

(I suppose flashlights and any number of other devices would work similarly.)

For the project I have in mind, having the switch hard-wired to the device would be fine, but naturally I'd love to hear about anyone's wireless ideas!

Thanks so much!!!!!


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5 years ago

Just take apart the laser pointer and you can either solder new wires to extend the switch. You can figure out where to solder on the tiny circuit board where the contact button presses down on. Good luck.