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adding aux line in directly to boombox ampli Answered

hi guys i am Ramanta from Indonesia

i have an old boombox, Sony CFS-1110s (similar mechanism with CFS-1100s)

what i want to do is add an aux input to them. I have seen a lot of instrucrables about it, but nothing about this model. I find a similar unit here https://cocodrilabs.wordpress.com/2012/04/05/installing-an-auxiliary-input-on-a-stereo/

the aux in is conected directly to the IC Amps pin. I have the IC diagram, what i dont understand is this model have a dual IC8207k. One for each channel. TA8207K is a stereo IC, so how do i do the wiring? For single IC its just INPUT1-INPUT2-GND. In dual setting they have 4 input and 2 ground.

I dont want to use any tape adapter since its sound terrible

here i attach the complete diagram and schematic in PDF
please give some tutorial, im a beginner in this kind of thing) hehe

my email zramanta@gmail.com
sorry for the bad english :D


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