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adding photos to instructable Answered

 i have been writing instructables for a while.. suddenly when i go to add a photos to a new instructable the ...

1) select add
2) select photos
and immediately the window appears and cascades down my screen... it has the  browse button at the bottom left corner

trouble is now the bottom edge of that window has taken to cascading down to below the bottom edge of my screen so i cant access the browse button..??? i cant drag that box .. nothing i seem to able to do - even moving the task bar will bring it back in to view???  how do i add photos now?


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2 years ago

I am having the same problem. Using Windows 10, Chrome, on my laptop. I've saved, and attempted to edit, to no avail. The pop-up box simply is too low, and I can't get down to the bottom to add any pix.


3 years ago

hello, and thanks for being a member of the instructables community.

I was unable to reproduce your issue in firefox or chrome browsers so I must ask for a little more information from you regarding your issue:

1. device being used and web browser on said device (ex: iMac os10.10; Safari)

2. screenshots of the issue observed

3. complete steps to reproduce: example

a. go to /editInstructable/new

b. choose to upload new images in the popup uploader modal

c. "browse" for the images to be uploaded from within the filesystem

d. select and choose to "open" the image to be uploaded

observe the error screencaptured

attached is a screenshot of my own testing of the uploader, and it's functional state. is this where your error is occuring?

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 3.29.31 PM.png