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adhesive suggestions for jewelry Answered

What glue/adhesive do you use for fastening jewels/metal to brooch settings, fabric, and other jewelry? Thanks for your help :)



7 years ago

I do a lot of gluing things together, and my favorite glues are the following:

E6000: great at mixed media stuff and it dries clear. You can adhere wood/metal/plastic/rubber... all kinds of things!

Aleene's 7800: same as the E600, really great for mixed media work. Perhaps not as strong, but awesome.

Elmer's Super Fast Epoxy: adheres anything. Seriously. I love it. I used it for Lego cufflinks.

Fabri-Tac: for any fabric. Works better than anything else I've used.

And the best part is that all of the above dry clear. :D


7 years ago

To glue hard materials to hard materials with reasonably smooth surfaces, I would use superglue.

If the objects did not have good contact surfaces (rough, curved-to-flat etc), I would use a drop of hot-glue or two-part epoxy.

To glue together absorbent materials, I would use PVA craft glue, or specialist fabric glue.

To bond fabrics, I would suggest sewing.