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admin password ? Answered

how do I rest my admin password I forgot it



4 years ago

if you really need the admin password, it shouldn't take long.

instructions are here : https://www.instructables.com/id/take-over-a-comput...

about half way when you are about to create the new user, type this in to the command prompt:

net user list

this should show a list of the users. (or : net user *)

from there, let's say the admin user is "bob", then you would do this:

net user bob *

it will ask for the new password, and you should put something simple and change it later. from there, you should be good to go.


4 years ago

If you are in school, any kind of school, take it to the IT people who keep things running. have some kind of proof of ownership and have a good and believable reason, hopefully one that is true and not made up. If you do this they may help you. It is possible to do but only if you have an appropriate reason. "I want to see if my boyfriend is cheating on me" is not one of those.


4 years ago

This was asked recently.

Unfortunately we don't know you or your reasons - genuine or not - So no one will be willing to tell you.

I will however tell you that:

1. IF you ask questions then give all the information someone might need like PC type, operating system skill level etc.

2. Try some other research first - I will tell you that a quick google search will get you a long way.

3. Please don't use the information you get for evil.