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advice on starting a club? I live in a rural area, and want to start a yo-yo club, but don't know how, THANKS IN ADVANCE Answered



8 years ago

Do you have any buddies who want to join the club too? If you have a couple people to help, it could make the job a bit easier. But yeah, basically RedMeanie said it all! Make some informative fliers telling about yourself and what sort of things the club will do.
Ask around with the help from some of your friends to find out the details on where and when you can meet. Having this sort of basic information on the flier will make people more likely to want to join than if you don't have those details.
Then, demonstrate yourself! Show off! If you can get people interested, then they will probably be more likely to join. Put up info on a community bulletin board to be sure to reach the greatest audience.
Once you've established a basic list of members, start a Facebook group or a blog or website so that you can stay in touch and post updates on meetings; that sort of thing.

Good Luck!


Answer 8 years ago

no, no friends want to join,(right now, that is! that i know of anyway... :P) the face book is a good idea, but i would probably use blogger or something like that, thanks for the help! :D


Best Answer 8 years ago

Make some fliers, Go sit and demonstrate your skills and collection outside a grocery store or popular strip center. Put everything up neatly on a table and have a sheet for people interested in possibly joining to sign. Next set up a first meeting of the people on the list. The end.


Answer 8 years ago

good stuff! only thing on the demonstrating stuff is it is REALLY cold out this time of year, and snow is every were, so that would be hard right now! :P thanks for the help!