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advice sought with connections on power booster Answered

Hi, could i ask you for advice as i want to know how to correctly wire a small 6v to 12v power booster to my moped that has a 6v electrical system. I need to use this tiny booster to charge my phone via a 12v phone charger. there is no intrustions with the booster but i suppose it goes as follows. please give me input about it so i won't blow it up before i connect it.

so only using  the red possative wire leading from the bikes battery to connect the phone charger! 

Tthe booster has a possative + in and possative out + and ground connection. shall i connect the possative in to my bikes red possative wire running from its battery and then connect the possative + out connection to the phone charger and also run a wire from ground to the bikes chissis. does that sound about right to you. please let me know.




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The Skinnerz
The Skinnerz

9 years ago

Assuming the moped is negative ground, you are correct that:
In+ goes to the positive terminal of the battery
Out+ goes to the positive side of the charger
Gnd goes to the chassis/negative terminal of the battery
The negative side of the charger also goes to the chassis.