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sprinkler valve and blow gun valve? Answered

hello i am planing on making an air gun, but Im a little confused. my first question is that what is the best type of sprinkler valve to use (brand and size)? my barrel is 1/2" and air chamber is 1'. My second question is do they make a battery operated sprinkler valve, so i can just hook a electronic switch to it? if so what brand? my third is why is the blow gun valve necessary? thank you those who post answers.


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Best Answer 9 years ago

Well for your sprinkler valve type and size what I use in my guns is an Orbit 1" sprinkler valve. For a gun of your size you can use the 1", which works well for most chambers large or small. But having a valve as big as your chamber is not necessary. You may use a 3/4" valve and still have equal results as the 1" while spending less.
Most sprinkler valves used for spud guns are electronically operated. The valve I previously mentioned has two wires going into the solenoid(its the large black on the valve) for you two hook up to your power source and switch. For that you will need 3 9 volt batteries wired together and then a switch then back to the solenoid wires. I am not 100% sure if that is how you do it as I always use a blowgun for my valves.
Last the blowgun modification to the sprinkler valve is not necessary at all. It is simply a different way of triggering the sprinkler than electorally. BUT the blowgun modification is, in my opinion, much better and much easier than wiring it. Using a blowgun has some perks and disadvantages. It is much better because it opens the sprinkler 3-5 times faster than using wires and such. In spud gun world that is a big differnence is valve speed and very good for your gun. The only disadvantage is that you will drill have to drill a hole in the valve for your blowgun and once you drill the hole you can not undo it and if you have messed up the valve may be ruined. The perks outweigh the disadvantages as it is very easy to drill the hole in the sprinkler and screwing up the sprinkler while doing this is rare.

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