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airborne Micro generator from nitro rc 40 motor / 400kv outrunner / smart charger / lipoly Answered

Concept : design onboard lipoly charger system to extend flight time on giant scale electric plane. 

1) if this is even a worth while project, the trade off of course is weight / power ,  
   can enough be created from a micro generator to make a differance, or would additionals 6 cell lipoy be more sensible , 

configuration =   OS max 40 nitro motor /  brushless 400 kv outrunner / ac / dc conversion rectifier / dc voltage regulator / 12v dc lipoly balance charger to main bank of lipoly batteries /  motors

2) I don't know how to build the rectifier bridge, so I would need some direction 

Any suggestions or thoughts on this project are appreciated. 



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