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alternatives to fiberglass Answered

Hey guys im building an enclosed recumbent motorcycle and i am a bit stuck. im making the outer skin. to get a working aerodynamic shape, complex curves and all i want to use some flexible sheet which i can connect to the strong points of the motorcycle. i am thinking of using that polypropilene chicken wire, and i wonder if it would be good enough to be the base of the fairing and put fibreglass on top. my brother wants to use cedar strips as a base and cardboard strips mounted over them and fibreglass the resultant mess. then bondo the lot. any ideas. i am not describing this very well. a single sheet of a flexible matting will save me the trouble of making a mould of the fairing. thanks guys.


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10 years ago

I think when laying up a fiberglass shell, you would want to use a closely woven fabric - not too coarse so that the resin pours through but can be saturated. If you are not molding it, then you need a base layer to contain the resin that seeps through. Maybe also sandwich in several layers of cheaper fiberglass window screening material and alternate the direction of the weave. Or get yourself a cheap heat gun to bend and form some pieces of lexan or polycarbonate used for replacement windows. You can also form the base with some aluminum pieces with simple pop rivets and fiberglass over for looks and strength. Get a roll of wide aluminum roof flashing as your material. Good luck.