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am using my monitor as a TV but it goes off after few minutes while my TV combo is still talking please advice? Answered

i recently bought an LCD monitor to use as my TV together with a TV combo, did my connections and it has good reception the problem is that it keeps going off after some few minutes and i have to change channels on my TV combo so as shows again please advice




8 years ago

is it connected to a computer that is on?, if it is, try altering the power save settings, or if its just a monitor, no pc, ide look through the settings in the monitor , OR , if it has a parralel port on it, where the computer woudl be hooked up to, try getting some kind of small input into it, like a clock, or something regular, so it will think its getting input from a pc, otherwise, contact the manufacturer


10 years ago

is it possible to disable 'power save' in the on screen menu?