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an extremely complex situation with a girl, read the details. Answered

 okay. this is gonna be long.

theres this extremely pretty girl i know. shes like helen of troy.
and ive been in love with her like ever since ive seen her.
shes in my circle of friends, though we're not that close. we're still somewhat close.
however, we dont talk much in class. on facebook, i always start the conversations, and she replies with one word answers (she does that to everyone).
shes the only remotely hot girl in like the entire school (what a gay place). but quality makes up for quantity by a huge margin.

i dont look that good, though i present myself well. 

so basically, i want to get closer to her. like real close. like extremely close. close enough to ask her out and expecting an unconditional yes.
i want to be like, her best friend.
thats hard.



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11 years ago

Since this girl is par of your circle of friends you could start by seeing if you share any interest.  If you find that you don't have a lot in common then you might want to focus your attention on someone else. 

For what it's worth (your mileage may vary) one of my friends is a short computer nerd with glasses and not the best looking guy in the world, he's been amazingly lucky meeting women because he's a very positive person, his typical response to "how are you?" is "I couldn't possibly be better!!"


11 years ago

The first thing your going to have to accept in a situation like this, is that every human has free will.  There are no unconditional yes's.  But if your serious about getting her there are some things you can do to attract her.  After that, its all on her.

Most women have common attractions.  I have never met a woman who didn't like to laugh.  But don't use sleazy or offensive humor unless your 110% sure she is in to it. 
Women like complements (unless there way stuck up).   Complements have to be genuine, and creative.  Tell her she has nice eyes, but do it in a way that makes it seem like you just noticed them. 
Find out what kinds of things she likes to do.  A man that can keep their woman busy with fun activities, can't go wrong.  Women like excitement, but don't take her on a rollercoaster if she is afraid of heights.
Most important, listen.  Be ready to tell her what she just said.  It doesn't have to be word for word, but she's gotta know your listening.

Work on your posture.  A woman notices these things in her subconsious.  Posture = confidence, and women's primal desire is for protection, and confidence from her mate.  Sounds chauvinistic, but thats why its primal.  Don't change your personality, be yourself.  Its a sign of independance, and strength.  Respect her.

I could go on for pages.  Women are complex and pretty much the opposite of men.  I don't think the two will ever reach an understanding.  This should be enough to get you close.  If you need any more tips, let me know.


Answer 11 years ago

Wish I'd know more about this when I was a kid!