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android app -> raspberry pi -> arduino !!! Answered


I want to make a very simple android app with buttons...

Each button has to be a "shortcut" for a specific command which will be sent from my phone to raspberry pi 3 with ssh..

These commands will simply power some arduino pins to give 5V ( like ser.write('3') which turns on pin 3 ).

But I can't figure out the way to do what i describe with bold... Any help??


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3 years ago

The best help I can give you is to use Google with some meaningful keywords.
By accident I stubled across some Android apps to control Arduino projects a while ago.
Free and paid apps exists for exactly what you want to do.
Some with fixed button layouts, some for other projects like a remote control (but with free code on Guthub) some even as a Windows app that lets you create simple Android app with your own button layout and linked scripts.
Don't know about the Pi as I only had a quick look at the Android stuff but am sure simlar apps exists - not that it would matter anyway depending on what type of code/protocols you use for the button actions.

Can't promise about the SSH stuff either but don't see why it would make a difference as long as the app supports it, most use Bluetooth or Wifi in a client/server config.
Basically you pair your Android device with the receiving end or share the same network.