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android pad vs ipad2 for arduino projects Answered

i was going to get a ipad2 this week, i had an tmobile galaxy tab hat i returned since it would not let me do anything except browse the web unless i activated the sim card. it was wi-fi also. i wast going to buy a data prepaid card, when i had wifi next to me.
i was all set to get theipad2 ,today iheard that thaere are a lot og android-arduino programs.  if  the android is better for arduino overall, i may buy a  xoom and  hope a  prepaid wifi  cellular modem is introduced.                 


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9 years ago

maybe booth? i have a wifi xoom coming monday from costco i can return it to my local store within 30 days, see if it god ,and if not can get the ipad .
hopefully the apps for android are evolving to full screen.
android phone would also be good for android stuff such as seeing who is at my apartment door when i am out. of area, have to see if i can get a t mobile frequency ,pre paid android, just for arduino stuff, i will have to ask a deal extreme buyer, since i do not want to take the chance on their phones.