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annotating photos in instructibles Answered

The weird thing is that I should be ANSWERING this question instead of asking it.

In my first Instructible I was able to add notes to the photos that would appear as square outlines until one hovered over the square, then my note would appear. 
Just like in the first photo in Step 5 here:

Now, doing my second I'ble, I can't manage to get this done.  So I bring up the photo and click on "edit", then on "add a note".  The text box comes up and I can enter text, but if I try to drag it to some location in the photo it won't go to anywhere outside of the upper left quadrant of the photo.  And once I leave the photo the note disappears, even though I clicked "save".  I'm using Firefox browser.   I tried Chrome as an alternate and I couldn't even enter text in the box. 



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