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any information about shipping costs if you win a prize? Answered

I've never won a prize, and I don't have to. I participate to contests for fun. but if you win what would the shipping costs actually be? I get that with every prize you get a shirt and stickers, so the prize items will be sent together right?!? but what is the general shipping price? I'm from the Netherlands so I think it will be pretty expensive.



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Best Answer 4 years ago

The shipping to you is usually free, the import duties can sting you though.
But the Netherland should not be too bad in this regard.
In most cases it is the shipping companies that will try to rip you off by using some hidden fineprint in regards to import duties and storage fees - worth to check this part if you enter a contest with prices exceeding $1000 in value.
Neither Instructables nor the sponsor giving the price has any influence on what the shipping company might charge you for the import.
Said that I think you still don't need to worry.
In most cases it is countries with limited imports or certain import restrictions causing high extra costs.
Last time I checked there was little problem getting what you want EU wide :)


Answer 4 years ago

Thank you so much for your reply!!! It really helped me!!