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any possible way to make this led ring flash run off of a usb power bank? Answered

i have a  MK FC-110 LED Macro Ring Flash that runs off 4 AA batteries, is there any way to add a usb wire and make it also be able to run off a power bank? please let me know thank you. 



1 year ago

You can just cut the wires from the current battery pack and splice in a USB cable. Make sure to double check the USB wiring diagram so you get the power running the right way.

Adding the USB as an alternative is a bit trickier but not much. You will need to splice a SPDT switch in between the light and battery pack. The two positive lines from the batteries connect to the two outside (switched) terminals. All the grounds can be tied together.

Alternatively you could just get rechargable AA bateries.


Answer 1 year ago

so do you think the power of a powet bank will be fine ? (I know nothing about elctricity etc...) and since the original battery holder aslo has setting controls would i be able to just open it up and just wire a cut usb onto the red and black wires that come out from the 4 AA battery holder instead of cutting the wire and splicing??