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anybody know how to make invisible ink that you can read under a blacklight? Answered



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12 years ago

I made some suggestions for this Question and this one that you might use. If you go with laundry detergent, look for the kind with color-safe bleach.

If you are trying to write secret messages, try this:
  • Get some glow in the dark paint (the cheap kind will do)
  • Get some graph paper with very small squares
  • Mix up some regular paint to have the same color
  • Turn on a black light
  • Turn the paper sideways
  • Use glow paint to fill in some of the squares on the graph paper, spelling out your message
  • Fill in any blank areas with a few more random squares of glow paint
  • Use the off-white regular paint to fill in any remaining blank squares
  • Let the paint dry
  • Turn the paper in the normal direction
  • Use a pencil to write something slightly embarrassing but totally boring and unsurprising on the sheet, over the top of the paint.
  • Put the page in a dark place and keep it away from sunlight or bright fluorescent lights
Since every square in your paper is painted, it will be very hard to see the message when it is not glowing. The fact that the real message is going in a different direction from the pencil one will also make it harder to read. Writing the message in pencil will keep people from wondering why you are carrying around a blank sheet of paper.


12 years ago

What are you exactly trying to do? If you only want the ink, I would advise you to search for it in ebay: the price is reasonable and you will get the best results with the commercial version. The 8 oz bottle goes for around 20 bucks. If you want to actually make it, it gets more complicated. Most organic and natural fluids glow under a blacklight, so I would experiment with everything that is around my house (milk, whine wine, even saliva, etc) to see what gives me the best results. Hopefully you will find something and I think that it could be fun to experiment :) I have a theory of something that may work, but I haven't tried it... maybe you want to try it yourself: I'm 97% sure that vitamin A and 80% sure that vitamin E will be visible under a blacklight. Both are liposoluble, so you could try pills and dissolving them in clear, non-colored acetone. Already dissolved presentations are available, and they're mostly inexpensive; however, the commercial ink may be even cheaper. I hope this will help you, and if you try it I would love to know which results you got :)