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anyone know how to change the sayings on the optimus prime/clone trooper helmet? Answered

Just want to know it is possible to change these sayings or if there is a device that can record on the diode.


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11 years ago

The closest I have achieved with the first new age Trans O.P. helmet, like 50 at wllyworld, was to get EL blue cable, and hiding it along the seams, if i find photos i will post, but,  it can be super glued around eyes mouth and details for luminous close to the 1982 original cartoon Trans movie from Cybertron, and formerly the "matrix of power" styled eyes and ALLSPARK power, hidden in a 9v ductaped inside the older battery gap coverings. The circuit is simple and separate from the whole purchased in helmet devices for audio, but I love the original sayings all the same, its great for Halloweens downtown and is rechargeable with correct batteries. Message me if you really need a guide, but its just hack and glue mods, good luck in the galaxies buddy!