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anyone know how to make a digital sequencer? Answered

you know one of those things you see in the movies that figure out a code sequence of a digital lock ?


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11 years ago

If you have a movie camera, getting past a locked door is trivial. First you have someone film you walking up to the door. Then you have them cut away to a view from inside the door that shows you opening it. Heck, you can even have them simply teleport you into the room. Of course the problem is that you first have to teleport the camera in there, so this becomes an interesting problem in recursion.

I hope that makes the point: Don't confuse plot devices with actual real-world technology.

Most digital locks are specifically designed to be tamper resistant; if you just "try combinations", they detect that and shut down for some length of time, making the search impractical. Theoretically you might be able to try a Tempest attack (analysing the RFI emitted by the lock) -- but that takes NSA-level expertise and can be prevented in several semi-trivial ways, the simplest being to put the lock's logic at some distance from the door in an unknown direction and to use ferrite cores to keep the RFI from travelling down the wire to the keypad.

There may be specific ways to defeat specific locks -- but they're different for every lock, and they require a lot more sophistication than simply waving a magic wand at it, no matter how technological the wand looks or how many blinky lights it has.

(Someday, I really want to invent the Positronic Logic Orthogonal Transistor -- just so I can build real-world PLOT devices.)


Answer 11 years ago

Of course if what  you want to do is just make the movie prop -- something that looks as if it ought to be able to trick an electronic lock into opening -- that's a much simpler problem.