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anyone out there know the specs for building a russian pyramid . Answered

anyone out there know the specs for building a russian pyramid . pyhttp://www.gizapyramid.com/russian/picture-tour1.htmramid.?




10 years ago

You formatted the link badly, for others: pyramid

Square base, 700 angle.



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Yes this is an old thread and yet I'm pretty sure still has some #s that dont look right as I have made them. I didnt readily find an official base length mentioned anywhere. Just peoples opinions. Im of the belief that it is at or near 72° - as the Cheops is 51.87°.. This angle being the main angle of this pyra --or proportion of one of the face triangles to the base. So f we know the perpendicular height is 144ft exactly then the base length would be 93.58ft. With slant edge (not same as height?) being 158.5ft and the slant height which measures from center of base to apex is 151.4ft.

So to scale down and make a 14.4ft tall one of these. Your measurements of the base would be 9.3ft. All the 'russian pyramids' I see people making or even selling.. dont seem to resemble the pics of the Golod pyramid and clearly look too steep to my eyes. At 72° for the angle also just makes more sense too --being exactly the angle of one of the points of a 5 pointed star. Or base to apex of a pentagon. Anybody think that makes sense? A sothic triangle shows a ratio of base/height of 4/9 which makes an angle of near 76°


8 months ago

This is such an old thread, but i have a question, does the thickness of the pyramid walls matter? Or are the effects gained by just using the aforementioned ratios?


5 years ago

I have been wondering about the same thing as well for awhile. Recently I found the following information on this website http://www.gizapyramid.com/drv-article.htm and from the information in that article together from this http://www.shutterstock.com/pic-8235856/stock-photo-pyramid-and-golden-ratio-spheres-magic-pyramid-by-a-golod.html I was able to calculate the exact ratios, angles, and dimensions of a Russian Pyramid.

Relevant quote from the above article “A ratio of side a of a foundation to height h is equal to a / h = 0.5 (h/a = 2.0). The author of the project, Dr. Alexander Golod, believed that the major reason that creates a mysterious field inside of the pyramid was stipulated its shape, but the orientation. His pyramid is a tangent pyramid that covers inscribed balls whose volumes increase from the foundation to the top in accord with the golden section.

” I calculated from the above information the exact ratios of Height/Base can be calculated from SQUARE_ROOT(Phi)*Phi = 2.0582, ratios of Slant Height / Base is SQUARE_ROOT(2*Phi + 1.5) = 2.176. The slant edge angle to the base is 71.03 degrees, and the side to the base angle is 76.35 degrees.

According Russ Michael/Patrick Flanagan pyramids made of metal and non-metal should be aligned to magnetic north and true north respectively. Also according to them pyramids made to Russian pyramid ratios are suppose to be many order of time more powerful than pyramids mad to Cheops Pyramid ratios.

I have built a 2.65m high pyramid made of square iron tubes using the above ratios aligned to magnetic north. The feeling of energy on and within my body when I am sitting within the Russian pyramid is much stronger than the 2.65m Cheops pyramid that I have over my bed.

Hope this helps.


8 years ago

The basic formula for building a pyramid based on the Russian model is as follows: The length of a side (i.e.height) divided by phi (1.618) determines the width of the base. The proper angle of phi from a horizontal plane is 72 degrees.

If ,for instance, you wished to build a scale model of Russia's large 144 ft. high pyramid, you might scale the length of the sides (height) down to 14.4 feet. 14.4 feet dvided by phi gives you the width at the base, which in this case would be 8.899 feet.

The angle of phi, 72 degrees, appears to act as a coupler to the aetheric field.