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silly question. Trying to build something that requires an arduino to take a temperature measurement, and pwm an Item dependant on that temp reading. so the question is how many reads and adjustments per second can I aim for? I was hoping to get the 1 MHz area but am assuming less than that at this time




2 years ago

You would have to look at the temp sensor you are using. Most are the analog type and you can only get a reading from them every 2 seconds or so. Your basic DHT 11/22 or TMP 36 are like that but there may be faster sensors out there. If you are looking to do something like heating/cooling fan/heater control or sous vide cooking controller, look into PID or control feedback algorithms which anticipate temp changes and react accordingly. Good luck.


Reply 2 years ago

am hoping to get something that reads a few times a second..... any idea? would a kprobe offer better reads?

is there a separate adc that can take the reads and then convert to digital for arduino giving better reads?