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arduino and 4051 IC? Answered

I have followed your instructions in https://www.instructables.com/id/SNF-Drumming-MIDI-Glove-using-Arduino-and-light-se/ and
I successfully. I now make the same project but with 11 light sensors use arduino uno rev 3 and 4051 IC. Please help me to modify the original code to work with arduino uno rev 3 and 4051 ICs.

Thank you very much

link about arduino and 4051
1. http://playground.arduino.cc/Learning/4051
2. http://miscellanea.com/how-to-get-more-arduino-analog-inputs/
3. http://dawson-station.blogspot.com.br/2010/01/mux-demux-cd4051-parlor-tricks.html


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7 years ago

Get the 4051 working in your circuit first - use it to drive some LEDS - in fact, keep the LEDs, and you'll be able to check your final circuit is working.

In your sketch code, all you need to do is change the stuff in the main loop to tick through all your new pins.