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arduino wiring ( Help me please ) ? Answered

*Note : Thats not my own device , im copying it and this device copyrights still for ardumotive_com < other meaning im not stealing cuz i mentioned that ..

Hi instructables !!

My name is Yousif , I'm a 16 Y/O arduino lover .. well .. i've been watching this guide about ( CnC plotter device ) , and thanks to ardumotive_com
,, TBH I'm not a perfect arduino programmer , i know a lot of things but it could never be enough about arduino .. So im making the same device .

Here I'm trying to make my own changes to the devices ..

I almost completed the device , then i stopped making it cuz i have some trouble that stops me ..

those are the changes that im gonna make and i need some hlep with'em :-

i've changed the motors to 2.3Kg*cm Bipolar stepper motor .. http://www.zeroohm.ae/Actuators/Stepper-Motors/Ste... .

The motor driver : Ardumotive_com used a L293D motor driver to control both of the motors ,
the question is : can i use it with this new motors ( look above ) ?
, gonna need for an external power source with a new board ? ,
and how could i connect it to this chip without destroying the chip ..

I'm gonna change the pen to a dramel with extender ( avoiding high weight and size ) , so i decided to use this tool .. https://www.desertcart.ae/products/1321441-dremel-... .
I already have a lab power supplay with two wires( i mean red and black wires at the top , with adjustable voltage ( 12,14,16,18,20 ) ( thats all what i have ) .. how can i use it with the L293D chip ?

At the end i could never do it without ardumotive_com , and please somenoe help me cuz i have less than a week to do it ..

if u wanted anything about my device , u already can visit this link https://www.instructables.com/id/Mini-CNC-Plotter-A... , becuase i almost used the same ..

and thanks !! , gonna be waiting !


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Best Answer 5 years ago

Well, first you could ask in the Ible for the right answers, something tells me the guy that did the small scale might know a thing or two about upscaling it.
Secondly I wonder why you want such powerful motors for a Dremel?
And for those stepper motors you get proper driver boards in the form of a shield to add to the arduino.
Similar to what is used for 3D printer for example.
Far easier than using your chip and they offer proper current limiting and external power supply through the Arduino.
You chips are in theory capable of the job but I would opt for a motor shield instead.
Something like this would do the trick if you want to stick to the L293D.
Or go for the more common "Easy Driver", which is used for most 3D printers on a hobby level.
You need to wire the power according to the specs of the shield, some can get their power throught the Arduino 12V supply, others require external supply (mostly for greater power levels though).
You power supply should be capable to provide 12V and at least 2.5A for porper operation.


Answer 5 years ago

Sure , but as i said im kinda beginner , can u give me a compabilty diagram or guide between L293D adn easy drivers ? ,

thats gonna be great


Answer 5 years ago

"easy driver pinout" with Google gives you the pin output.
A direct comparison is not possible as your chip is meant for very low currents and always requires extra stuff around it.
All you need to do is to match the pinout from the easy driver board with your code - so you basically have not much to change anyway.
You drive the chip with a PWM signal- same for the easy driver.


Answer 5 years ago

Other mean it should be cancled ? .. nah ?


5 years ago

If anybody knows how to do that i give him the best answer ..

so please can u correct this route for me to make it work with 12V power supply ( idc , i want it to work with these motors ) ?

i have 24 volt power supply if neccessary ..

please i need it soo hard for my project , I do not have much time to complete it ..

well this is the link ( dropbox ) , and i promise u , its clear and had no viruses ..

ZIP :-


file :-


It contains a fritzing origional wiring guide , the pic and the code ..

and if it needs more parts u can add it ..

By the way i used fritzing app :-