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arduino workshop in zurich Answered

interesting?  at time of me writing this there is 10.5 places left.

Arduino: Sensors, interfaces and control made easy

lecturers: Anina Hug / Jan Schacher

Sensors and their connections are increasingly important components of interactive media work. This course is aimed at designers and musicians in the fields of audio, video and installation that you want to work with sensors and control of light, motors, etc.. The aim of the course is to give a first impression about the working methods with the open-source Arduino platform. Based on this simple, open microcontroller topics such as selection and circuits with sensors, devices, and simple control of the programming for the real-time use treats to show the participants the ways and means in their application for their own practice.

Technical methods are treated as programming the "Arduino" microcontroller access to software such as Pure Data, Max / MSP, Processing, Flash, etc., and use of sensors, such as bending, light, tilt or pressure sensors. Participants develop and build fully functional prototypes that can be taken at the end of the course to individual further work to home.

Prerequisite for the course are a flowing dealing with computers and curiosity fanart with electricity. Participants bring their own laptops.

The material cost is including microcontrollers and sensors 200 Fr per person. The number of participants is limited to 12 people


Summer Course, 2nd to 6 September 2013, daily from 10.00 bis 17.00 clock

ICST, Mediacampus Basler Strasse 30, 8048 Zurich, Access 7 (Freihofstrasse)

Information and registration: Sabine Egli

Application deadline: 25August 2013

.i hope im not being too cheeky terms of service and all(advertising bla bla..)i think theres plenty of relevance for users of this site,and im trying to help a friend out


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7 years ago

Last few days to book a place :-)


7 years ago

HQ won't mind you advertising an event like this.

In fact, they sonetimes sponsor them. Keep an eye out for forum topics like this: