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arduiono without an computer Answered

Hey, i just got an arduiono uno and for now i made some testing (leds blinking and servo control and stuff like that) so im very new at it, But i have this idea i wanna make, i set an potentionmeter or i cant remember the name (you know one of the thing you turn and it gives you more or less power like when you control your sound)

BUT i sat the turn thing on a servo so i can control it, and then i set it on a garabage collecter (a long arm i think the name is, you know for folk in wheelchairs that cant reach the floor use i to grab stuff) so i made a electric garabage collecter. 

But i have a very big problem: it have to be plugged into the usb from the computer to work.

So my question is, i see there are 2 places for putting in power and im wondering, if i upload the code first, then take usb out and plug the phone charger alike wire in, will it then work?

and i do have loads of loads of batteries but i dont know how much power or anything the arduiono needs.

So please help me.

and sorry for my bad english.



Kong markus

8 years ago

Thankyou very much for showing that, sorry for the late response i been busy creating!


8 years ago

Lots of arduino projects are battery powered.

Have a look at this link for the general arduino channel, and this next one for the results of a search for arduino battery.