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are there any windows xp application emulators that work on windows 7? Answered


i own a laptop that runs windows 7, and since obtaining it, i have found that alot of my applications are not working as they are incompatible with anything other than windows xp!
 most importantly, i cant run my "the movies :stunts and effects expansion pack for my game without needing to change over my save file, because the newly updated "the movies" game , on windows 7, is incapable of playing without crashing if it uses more than 1bg of ram, even though it can do so on windows xp.

i want to know, are there any windows xp applicaton emulators?, not programs that emulate the operating system, but rather, run a program the way it would on that operating system?

ive tried using the compatibility mode, but it never works.
i really need a good emulator.

i dont know what to search to find it on google!, all my atempts just turn up with emulators of the operating system, and not for specific applications!



Best Answer 8 years ago

I didn't see you mention whether your running the 32 bit or 64 bit version of Win 7.
That can make a difference.
If the program makers can't come up with an updated compatible version or a Windows 7 compatibility service pack you may have to try something else,

You can set up a dual boot system where Win XP is installed as well as Win 7 and you pick which one you want to boot from. Use the XP to run the games and other software that will not run on Win 7.

Now that Microsoft is talking about doing a faster OS upgrading schedule this could become and even bigger problem. I believe their target is to put out a new OS every 3 years. Which might make much of the other software incompatible every 3 years. Not something I want to go through personally.


Answer 8 years ago

64 bit, and ive tried everything, aside from emulators.
ive heard that they exist and work, i just dont know where to find them, apparently they are called something very very different , emulator is the closest name i can come up with for them though.

also, i have been considering trying out a dual boot system, however, considering ill have to buy a version of xp, it seems a little extreme at the moment, though i will consider it.

what does 32 bit and 64 bit change about it anyways?


Answer 8 years ago

Most Windows XP applications are 32 bit programs. Although they might run on a 64 bit system that is pretending to be 32 bit, it doesn't always work. There are hardware limits to 32 bit, such as the limit to 3.3 gig of ram. While the OS software is telling the program that its a 32 bit platform the hardware is doing things that it doesn't understand. And so it crashes. Some programs are more tolerant of this than others, it just depends. This has happened in the past a lot. When Pentium processors started replacing 486's there were a lot of software problems because of the changes that were made to how the ram was accessed.

You might be able to get a dead PC or a junk one that has XP on it. If it comes with the disk and has the legit key on the sticker then it would work for an install. If its something like a Dell then technically Microsoft has licensed that copy for only that motherboard but there was/is a lot of debate about that. Because if your board dies and you replace it then supposedly you have to buy a new copy of Windows also. On the other hand most people feel that they are living up to the copyright concept if the software is installed on only one computer. If it really concerns you then look for a custom PC that has a full OEM version. Those have no motherboard restrictions on them. You will also get the full OEM disk and not a reinstall disk like Dell passes out.
A dual boot is probably going to be the simplest and best solution. Personally I would not put them both on the same drive but get a second hard drive and use one for each OS. You can pick which one to boot from in the POST of the BIOS.


6 years ago

You need two things: 1) the emulator software "VMware" which is a free download from https://my.vmware.com/web/vmware/free#desktop_end_user_computing/vmware_player/5_0|PLAYER-501|product_downloads

It will set aside a number of GB (you can specify how much) on your hardrive as though it is a separate and EMPTY new computer. 2) You need to install the OS you wish to emulate on this new virtual computer. I recently installed Windows 98 on my laptop (factory configured with Windows 7 Home x64 bit) to run an old 16-bit software program that worked fine on XP, but simply would not install on Win7 no matter what compatability settings I tried. VMware works and is free for non-commercial users. Also, I recommend dowloading the vmware tools when it asks--it makes setting up graphics and audio in your virtual computer much easier...


8 years ago

Find the program's .exe, go to it's properties, go to compatibility, and choose Windows XP. Windows will now emulate it for you.