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are you really bullet-proof? Answered

what im asking is if you were to get hit by a bullet (with homemade bullet proof armor on) would you die from internal bleeding?



8 years ago

It depends upon whether the "bullet-proof" armour actually is or is not.
What are you asking about here?



8 years ago

I wouldn't trust even professional bullet proof armour.


8 years ago

Ah,as always in life, it depends.

If you are hit by a tank grenade or a pirate's canon ball, the kinetic energy will most probably kill you. (Except your armour is some kind of concrete wall or similar, but that doesn't count as portable).

So lets look at what you ha probably in mind: A hand gun or a some kind of rifle. So, some kind of weapon the attacker will hold and fire.

And here lies the clue to say: Yes, with the right armour, you can survive with not much more than a bruise (black and blue mark).

Reason for arguing this way? The old physical law the 'Actio est reactio' - action is the same as the reaction.

What is in a shot? The attacker accelerates a small object to a very high speed (by using explosives, but that doesn't matter, same would be true for a electric rail gun). The attacked one (the victim) stops the object with his/her body.

Both parties have to withstand the exactly same power and energy. The attacker has to handle the recoil of the gun, the victim - well, the projectile. Advantage of the shooter: The gun has a sufficiently big area to be stabilized, while the bullet is very small, so the victim has to stop more energy per area - that's why the bullet enters the boy while the shooter is fine.

So, if your armour can disperse the energy of the bullet on a bigger (biog enough) area on you body you should be fine. You still will have to handle the whole energy of the bullet, but that's just the exact (well, a tiny bit less - due to the air friction) same energy that the attacker had to withstand as recoil.

Okay, that said: I did not say, that any kind of armour will protect you against any kind of bullet. It has to be a sufficient armour for the kind of bullet you want to survive - and no one said that it would be comfortable to wear or even very portable. I just said, as long as the attacker can survive the recoil, it should be possible to build an armour to survive the impact.

If you put the gun/rifle on the ground or on a vehicle, well things change. A lot. (Remember the tank grenade? Not to mention railway guns) Same is true, if it not the flying-but-dumb-piece-of metal kind of bullet but something rocket propelled or an explosive warhead. Totally different league - just duck
and cover.

And of course it depends on your skills of making 'homemade bullet proof armour'. Handling hi-tech fabrics like Kevlar and strange kinds of fibre enforced resins should be standard if you want to try your skills (use a dummy for testing anyway) - Knowing how to wrap the carton of corn flakes packages around you is not enough.


8 years ago

I think you'd probably die from external bleeding first. Modern gun loads are designed to penetrate "home made bullet proof armour"