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attiny85 Answered

hi everybody just wanted to make a simple blinking led circuit with a attiny85 I saw some instructables and videos online but nothing could help me this is what i did.
1. make the wire connections to attiny85
2. upload arduinoISP sketch
3. put a 10uf cap between reset and gnd
4. make a file in sketchbook folder called "hardware"
5. copy and paste the attiny85.exe file which i found online into the hardware folder
6. Go into preference and restart the arduino program.
after this i was expecting the file pop up in arduino board selection but it didnt it just unaffected 
Can anybody please help me? If more information is need please ask.


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6 years ago

That attiny85.exe doesn't sound right. It should just be a set of zipped/rar compressed files to download.


Go through the instructions there and get the attiny core files from their github link in the text. I have gotten this to work on 1.04 and 1.01 Arduino IDE so you may have to get the right IDE install version from arduino.cc if you have something different. Mac or PC? Things get crazy if you are not using an UNO as your base arduino. Good luck.


Reply 6 years ago

I just don't know how to thank you, it actually worked this time and its perfect thank you so much. :) :)