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I am working on a project where I need to recess a XLR jack.  Currently, I am looking for a recessed box that can hold one or two XLR jacks.  It seems as though any box I have found so far is rather pricey, and I am working on a fairly low budget.  Does anyone have a place where a small recessed box can be purchased for a good price?  I am hoping under $25.  Your help is greatly appreciated. 


Quercus austrina

6 years ago

My first thought was: try MCM. Then try Mouser, but with a different search term. Maybe Digikey, but the same different search term, futher narrowed down. Perhaps Jameco, but this time a very generic search term. Possibly All Electronics, again with the very generic search term. On a wild dare, Electronics Goldmine, but no luck currently. Lastly, I tried Parts Express (ouch!), then a different search term, and yet another different term.

Now, while you may not be able to find an actual "box" within your price range, you may be able to construct something using some of the lesser priced components. It is all up to your creativity and ability.

Hope you can find something to use, and are successful in your build.


sound91Quercus austrina

Answer 6 years ago

Yeah, I checked most of the sites you mentioned. Thanks for your help. I'm guessing I will have to build my own with my budget. Thanks.

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