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automated hydroponic system ? Answered

I want to make automated hydroponic grown plant system that will sense condition and provide sufficient Mineral Nutrients for growing hydroponic plant.
 we place the seed into water, seed grow into water , growth should start after 2 or 3 weeks.we don’t feed fertilizer until the first set of true leaves appears When seeding develop their true leaves and roots. Its time to feeding fertilize.we need to provide right fertilizer for good growth
Most common fertilizer is NPK, after two or three weak or after the first set of true leaves appear we need to fertilize plant. Fertilize approx every two weeks

Automated system (small and low cost system)
Parameter – conductivity

Project part list
Electrodes probes
Amplifier or filter
A to D converter Ic
Volve or relay

Automated system that Add more or less fertilizer into water ,that maintain conductivity range

Best time to fertilize plant

Time- fertilize plant after their active growth ,after two or three weak or after the first set of true leaves apper we need to fertilize plant

ADD small value of NPK into water because small plant take less fertilizer
After two weeks Add large value of NPK into water because large plant take large fertilizer

Provide enough NPK to complete their life cycle

we can measure conductivity of whole solution.

how to make Automated system that will Add more or less fertilizer into water on basis of conductivity
If plant need more or less fertilizer system  will adjust itself


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5 years ago

Yes, it can be done with money to purchase supplies for testing and production, and of course, the engineering and programming skills necessary to complete such work. You seem to be on the right track and have enough knowledge already to go forward on your own for this system that appears to be plans for a purchasable item without requiring someone else to do the work for you without pay, you just need to study more closely the particular sciences that are necessary to create such a system, and take the time to perfect your model, which is what those of us who take the time and personal cost for years to study more closely the sciences necessary to produce such systems do ourselves.