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balancing windmill blades Answered

a 5 blade rotor.

making our own replacement blades

a fair bit o' resestance to rotation from the generator, therefore, balancing it on the generator shaft is probably a no=go.

the owner, for whom i'm doing the work suggests balancing 2 blades against one another.   But there are 5!  not 2 or 4.  

maybe we make it a 4 blade...

maybe we make sure each blade is excactly the same weight AND with CG at the same distance from center (sounds cumbersoe to get both mass And cg identical.




Reply 5 years ago

good idea, thats got me thinkin "why didnt i think of that???" ;)


5 years ago

I used to balance the prop of my boat myself after being quoted an arm and a leg to have it done.

You can do the balancing yourself if you can take the blade assembly off.
There are several ways depending on the design of your rotor.

The easiest would be if the axle goes all the way through or can be extended to both sides of the blades.
Take two lenghts of pipe and mount them truely horizontal.
Place the axle with the bladed between these pipes - it will start to roll until the heaviest part in facing down.

Counter balance with weights on the other side or on the blades directly.

Once the rotors won't turn anymore you should be sufficiently balanced for the job.

In case you fix the axle like this you will need a stand with two bearings holding the axles and do the balancing the same way.
Spinning it when done would be the final test - if it stops in different positions you are done, if it always stops in the same place you need to add more weight on the top.


5 years ago

Can you not dismount the rotor assembly from the generator?