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banning good science? Answered

Do you guys really solicit others for people to ban good science?


Would you please stop spamming the comment section on my Dual Axis Solar Tracker project. I had someone from the instructables staff email me today asking if I wanted to ban you from viewing my projects, or delete all your posts, or just turn off comments.

It would be far easier if you just refrained. You've made your points several times over.

If you wish to comment on solar trackers there are quite a few OTHER projects you could start discussions on.




Stephen Dodd

4 years ago

So you skipped my question. He directly said in a personal message that you editors had encouraged him to have me banned and deleted. I found that threatening. That is apparently not true since you couldn't even find it. That was the question I asked wasn't it.

I did post two extensive published articles by myself which were printed in Home Power magazine. So it also looks like your other suggestion was also implemented before your request here. I received a compliment and thank you from at least one of your readers here on that tonight. Several other readers agree with the science I was pointing out. So my points were very well received by knowledgeable readers.

It would also appear that the issue was discussed in PM as you also requested before you made that request here.

I do believe you guys are attacking me. I also know you don't understand the scientific discussion. Is there any other reason necessary to avoid your publication?

Yours is hardly a mature forum for the discussion of anything scientific. It is biased and unfair. I really don't care about your product in that case as you are trying to run a business not do science or education. Is this the payment for freely contributing to you at my expense?

KitemanStephen Dodd

Answer 4 years ago

I'm not an employee of the site, I'm part of the volunteer Community Team, and I'm not attacking anybody, I'm spending my own time to try and make your experience here more positive, neither, as far as I can see, is anybody else attacking you. All I know about this issue is what you have published here and in the comments sections of other peoples' projects.

Nobody, as far as I can see, has said that your points were wrong, they were just out of context.

Both tracker projects you commented on were for tracking the Sun with small PV arrays, just enough to charge a battery, and were done mainly for the challenge of being able to make an inanimate object follow the path of another object's apparent motion.


Regarding the comments from site admins, one might suppose (remember, I have not spoken to the admins about this) that somebody, presumably Joshua, flagged your comments for breaking the site's "Be Nice" policy. In such a situation, where the "niceness" is borderline, it is sometimes a compromise to prevent further conflict by simply preventing further comment, rather than simply deleting what has already been posted. They are thus supporting the contributing authors, without alienating members who have yet to publish projects.

Yes, this site is a business (it could not exist otherwise), but our (my) main concern is that it operate as a mutually-supportive community. Our main function is not the dissemination of information about alternative energy resources, but about the dissemination of the skills, art and craft of Making. We have roughly 150,000 projects posted, almost all of them entirely at the expense of the authors. Joshua will have spent several weeks at least on the preparation of that project, and many hours preparing his materials for publication, all at his own expense. He has done the same thing thirty three times. That is his contribution to this site, given, as you say, freely and at his own expense. Thousands of other people have done the same.

I would ask you to show a little respect for that contribution, to moderate your tone, and, again, to move on from this supposed slight. I believe you have a great deal of expertise to contribute to this community, and have great respect for your experience and abilities, which I further believe would result in the production of some useful and popular Instructables.


I am sorry if you feel unwelcome. Even without speaking to the admin staff involved (they will be asleep as I type), I can assure you that no attack or slight was intended. It is my personal hope that you are able to rise above this incident, and make the contributions I hopefully foresee, but I would, regretfully, understand if you feel it necessary to move on and contribute elsewhere instead.



Answer 4 years ago

I flagged one or two comments because there were posted multiple times. As in the same block of text posted several times over in several spots.

I would guess that several others probably also flagged some comments because of the negative tone they were taking.

To put things in perspective, out of all the comments on all my projects, the only ones I've ever flagged in the past were ones that were clearly SPAM trying to sell a product or website.

I wrote a PM to Stephen in hopes to be polite and keep things private (and according to a reply I got from Stephen, I'm not the only one who wrote him PMs about it), but then this thread was created about that PM message.

Instructables isn't a HARD SCIENCE publication. It's a fun DIY project sharing community. Thats what I posted, a FUN project for students and newbies.

Stephen, if you want to make a project and post it on a HARD SCIENCE tracking system, do it. Thats kind of the point of this website, to post projects. I'm sure you'd get a very favorable response to such a project.


4 years ago


Nobody has any idea what you're talking about, but this looks more like a matter that should be discussed out of the public view, via PM.

If you need an intermediary, drop me a PM.


Answer 4 years ago

Hang on, I've found the discussion in question - not hard, since it seems that almost all you have done since you joined is criticise Josh's project and one other like it.

Your comments on both projects seem to miss the point of them, and the comments on Josh's are verging on personal attacks.

I think you've made your point, and now it's time to drop it, at least on that project.

If you are genuinely interested in people learning how to set up a PV unit "the right way", then why not post your own instructable? Even if your units have been installed for some time, close-ups of important points will more than adequately replace images of the build in progress.