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bar code or qr code? Answered

i am trying to develop an automation project that requires the use of an identification code. i'll be using a application made on delphi, running in a regular PC and the delphi program must read the code and give an order to the electric motor. i want some advice on this matter, like, which code should i use (qr or bar code) and the hardware and software required for this, so tha the delphi program can read it. please help!

ps: sorry for any english errors


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6 years ago

QR code is now very commonly seen everywhere in different fields. While barcode has been existed and applied into life long time too. For your question, I'm not sure which type you should choose. You see, barcode is not only one type, it has more than dozen of symbologies, including 1D(code 128, EAN 128, UPC-A/E,etc) and 2D(PDF-417, data matrix, QR code). Each one of them has its own advantages and disadvantage. So which one to choose depends on you program and the data you wanna encode.