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basic air gun Answered

Does anyone know of a good tutorial on a basic air gun? I don't care what it shoots, i just want to understand how to make one.


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9 years ago

yes i do have some links on some air guns air guns basiclly work like a pump powered blow dart below are some links on how to make a air gun
i will let you know when i get more avalable of coarse if you want you can just click on the link of the user name that comes with a comment, articles,questions etc
the only air gun that will be the best for hunting  future instructable which i will have to earn it
for sure by the 18th of july year 2011 it should be ready by then that is if it testing resualts work enough and then you can click on the link of my user and then send me a message or patch in privite then i will tell you if it is worth me posting it on your user comment posting wall and then you will get notifed where it says how many comments and the 3 air guns i have made links of at the time of this post is not for hunting or pest control execpt maybe on insects and bugs not as in bugs bunny


13 years ago

Search for "air gun" and make sure that only the 'instructables' box is checked.