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basic wiring, (for a home made benhtop injection molding machine? help? Answered

hey I have a bit of a home project here...I'm building a benchtop (hobby sized) plastic injection molding machine (or at least trying to :) )
well, I've been working on it for quite a while (including gathering all the components) and I've come to the wiring aspect of the project, I've made this wiring diagram, with some questions attached to it..can you help me by telling me whats right or wrong and what i perhaps might need.

I have some questions:1)the thermostat has three(3) "taps" marked as on my drawing (1,2 and c), A,B and C1(my own made up symbols) should all be connected to it, can you say which goes where?

2) as you see in lower left corner (the plug) i know which wire should be ground, but can you tell me which one should be neutral? # or % (made up symbols)
3) as you mouse over some of the components, you can see how much power it uses etc, I DO NOT know how to use these informations, like should i need some kind of converters etc.?
4) does the rest of it look correct to you?, something i need or something i need to change?
thanks I really hope you can help me, I've come so far machining most of the parts, so I almost only need to assemble it, when the wiring is done :) - Ps. as you might have guessed i am not that much into electrical surcuits :/ so bear with me



7 years ago

one more thing... since the europeean electrical network is on 230V, the heater is 240V and the thermostat 250V... can i still use them together? and what kind of "transformers"(don't know if thats what i'm looking for?) should bee in between or... please help :)


7 years ago

I'm just going to use the lever principle kind of ram if you understand?..

I can't give any more information about my electrical parts, since i bought 'em on ebay a loooong time ago and therefore can't see the details about it and i recieved them without any packaging etc...

if any of you could make me a completed drawing like the one i've uploaded in this question I would be REALLY gratefull!

btw. if it's not allowed to use porcelain wire nuts... what should i use insted then??

ps. sorry I haven't answered lately but i have bin on the country side without any internet connection... I've bin at my schools workshop ALOT lately processing the body parts so the project is still VERY MUCH ON! ;) hope to get some new and usefull answeres from you... if you maybe have some "electrical wiring for noobies" links that could be helpfull please share.. thanx again every one, you have already helped my alot!


8 years ago

It certainly ISN'T European practice to switch on Neutral - that's as dangerous on our side of the pond as it is on yours !

And I don't think wirenuts are legal here.


8 years ago

What model thermostat are you using? What heater are you using?

Is your switch rated to 240V?

You can buy some 240VAC indicators (LED based). They have extra circuitry inside so they get the right voltage/current. Chint make some, there are loads of other brands.


8 years ago

Dismantle a hot-glue gun (cheap enough) - but what will you use for the ram that forces molten-plastic into the mould?