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battery powered outdoor router? Answered

I am wondering is there an instructable that shows how to build a battery powered outdoor router? I would like to extend the range of my wifi by using an old router as a repeater but don't want to have to string a extension power cord out to it in order to power it. I know routers don't take that much power to run so i would think someone thought of this already somewhere..... I have searched on instructables but haven't seen anything. thanks



7 years ago

Look at the specs of what the wall-wart power supply is pumping out. You can then substitute it with a similar battery power supply setup. You might work with car batteries and an inverter to just plug it in. Of course, you would want to see if your batteries would last long enough for the intended use or have it recharge by solar or generator. Good luck.


Reply 7 years ago

Agreed ! (unless the wall wart has an AC output.....then he may need to bypass the rectifying circuitry).