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battlefield 1942 loading problem, need answer!!! Answered

my battlefield 1942 wont load online what do i do. i have v1.6



Best Answer 9 years ago

Hi there. If you have been experiencing this problem in the last couple of days, then do not worry. This is a global problem. I experienced it a couple of days ago, and of the others that I talked to, they have experienced it as well. My system just freezes up, once I click "Internet."

To get around this you should download: Xfire

Once you have Xfire downloaded, you must join the servers through Xfire, and you should avoid the problem.  There is probably something wrong with EA's servers, which is why it is not allowing you to join.

What server do you usually play on?


9 years ago

i have this game and love it but idfk what version it is or how to play online!!!!


Answer 9 years ago

Xfire is a common way for gamers to communicate with eachother. Personally, I do not use Xfire due to personal privacy reasons, but you can use it to directly connect to BF42 without getting the error problem. Hopefully EA will have it fixed in a few days.