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best antenna for me ? Answered

i have a TP-link TL-WN722N wifi adapter ...

it came with a detachable 4dbi antenna
but its range is not good i want to use some wifi which are far from me
with my current adapter the signal i get is very weak so i think by replacing antenna i can increase its range :)

i searched a little bit no google & website
& i liked this https://www.instructables.com/id/Biquad-Yagi-2-4GHz-Wifi-Antenna/ :)
i think i can make it :)

is there is any better option than this ?
i want a long range antenna



4 years ago

I have the same adapter and tried various antennas on it.
Still the supplied antenna performs the best.
Directional antennas are only of good use if both sides use them, otherwise you might be able to hear the router but the router won't hear you (or the other way around).
Define "far" in your case as I have no problems with mine at distances up to 300m from my router.


Answer 4 years ago

300M really ??? the AP i want to connect is 200M far & AT 300M far there is a open AP (provided by govt ;) ) if possible i want to use that 300M far open AP if its not possible then 200M far AP also work for me :)

PS AP= access point or wifi router