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bike powered wheat grinder Answered

any one with a food storage probably has wheat, i'de guess that 50% of those people don't have wheat grinders and if they do its either a puny hand grinder that would take 3 days to grind enough wheat for one meal, or an electric grinder and their assuming there will be electricity after every major disaster. there are plan's over the internet for hooking up bikes to hand grinders most of the plans i found require you to send money to the creator and they will send you plans so any ways i'm cheap and this sort of info would be to important to cost money if something bad happens (i mean really BAD like meteor showers, nuclear war, gamma bursts any thing like that) so what i'm wondering is there any plans on instructables for making a bike powered wheat grinder


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Tool Using Animal
Tool Using Animal

12 years ago

Replace wheat grinder crank with pulley, mount grinder, mount bike inline with pulley with back wheel off ground, remove tire and inner tube, cut and splice inner tube to make a belt from the bike hub to the grinder pulley.