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bikeframe to trikeframe Answered

hi all, ok here is my plan, any advice is welcome and appreciated. I am not building a bike frame, however I am converting a bikeframe into a trikeframe. The first image attatched is a bike i have that i have stripped down to the frame, seat and bars. the second image shows a hudson carrier trike from the 1930s. So i want the bike i have to have a chassis like the hudson carrier. i plan to have a differential encorporated into the chassis. Does anyone have any ideas about building the chassis: which type of metal? where to get metal from in UK, weather using an existing chassis and encorpating it into the existing frame is good; possibilities, ideas, suggestions any discussion is welcome, thanks for reading my post!!! Nicky


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12 years ago

Well using mild steel will mean you can do your own welding. For the frame you could actually make a short wheelbase trike by extending the rear triangle with a chassis that litterally goes around the whole bike up to the the front. You could also cut the rear forks off and add new ones that extend out in to a chassis similar to the trike shown, if you have a close look at the trike you'll see it's basically a bike with the rear swapped out. For drive you could actually keep the rear forks and derailleur system and build around it, the axle of where the wheel would goe is entended and a sprocket added, this has a chain that goes to a sprocket the same size that is attached to your differential, this would allow you to move heavy loads without having the problems associated with long chains, that and you wouldn't have to do messy long cabling for the rear derailleur which would be hard to calirbate.