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bird robot Answered

I am building a bird robot and would like to know who builds an audio producing device so that when the bird opens its mouth noise is produced,the wider the mouth opens the louder the noise. thank you Ron



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5 years ago

A bird robot? Cool. But shouldn't you concentrate on the flight? Like this one


Reply 5 years ago

I'm not that smart and neither is the bird.Mine will be chained to a mountain top().It is smart and talks a lot about present and past.I need the mouth piece mechanics to coordinate voltage to noise level and servo motion?It is all remote controlled.Got a BotBoarduino and newest playstation controller.


Reply 5 years ago

Well, you did say, you want to build a bird robot. #1 feature of birds is flight.

Your description what you want to do and what controls what is unclear.

> Mine will be chained to a
mountain top().

Irrelevant detail for your question. Be sure to make it waterproof, though.

> It is smart

No. Best case it would be seen (heard) as smart.

> and talks a lot about present and past.

> Now we get something a kind of sound player.

> I need
the mouth piece mechanics to coordinate voltage
> to noise level and
servo motion?

You want the mouth mechanics to control noise level? .. and servo motion?

Sorry, does not compute. Noise level is something ambient - how will you control that with 'mouth mechanics'??? Do you mean to control the volume, i.e. how loud the bird speaks?

Or do you mean it all the other way around - the sound that is played (its 'loudness') will control the position of a servo that opens and closes an artificial beak? That would make sense.

If that's the case, maybe rephrase your question and get to the detail, where you have problems.
- generating sound (like playing MP3 files)
- controlling the servo
- mechanics of the beak and how to connect it to the servo
- finding the correct position of the servo in relation to the sound played