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bluetooth 4 transmitter to headphone latency reduction Answered

hey everyone!

i'm seeking some advice about a system i've been trying to work out - a bluetooth audio headset from a PA system for vocal monitoring during band rehearsals.

currently i'm running microphone -> PA -> bluetooth 4.0 AD2P compatible audio transmitter -> powerbeats bluetooth 4.2 headphones

the connection is working fine, the only issue is latency between microphone and headphones (approximately half a second), which makes it very difficult to use as a monitor as i require very minimal latency to hear my voice in synchronisation with the rest of the band.

a few questions;
does bluetooth simply have an unavoidable lag due to data compression?
is it possible for me to hack the bluetooth transmitter in some way to increase the rate of compression/transmission?
what would you recommend as a cheap substitute in the event that nothing can be done?

thanks very in much in advance,


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