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book holder? Answered

Every morning I like to read my novel (while eating) and I don't like to squish the book flat down to read it.  It streches the pages and sometimes seperates the binding.  Can someone show me a stand up holder that can be used for any sizes of books or magazines that doesn't destroy both?


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11 years ago

Picture a music stand that sits on your table in front of you at a 60 deg. angle.

Now picture a lip coming up from the front edge of the shelf.

No picture opening your book and placing in that shelf behind the lip.

The lip should be about 2" or so away from the back, that way your book doesn't have to be too flat.

THe lip could be made of clear plastic so you can see thru it if need be.

Now picture yourself sitting and eating breakfast enjoying your favorite book every morning.

Now picture yourself clicking the "BEST ANSWER" right there next to this answer.


Answer 11 years ago

For hardbacks, the classic stand is as Re-design describes it:
/   \_\  or something like that. Ideally, the front piece(s) can swing down to let you turn the page, then be latched back up to hold again.I have a folding version which also includes two "wing" hooks that swing out to help hold larger books.

A modified version could be created for paperbacks that doesn't hold them so widely open... either by having the back be V-shaped, or simply by having the bottom extend further forward before the page-holding piece(s) come back up.

But usually, my solution is to hold the paperback in my left hand and eat with my right. I can usually manage to turn the page one-handed, which helps keep food off the book.