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build a propane powered freezer Answered

I am interested in constructing a  propane powered freezer to store food.   The units currently for sale and way to expensive.  I recall  quite a while ago that some  supplier of  off grid equipment  sold the components to such a unit but I can no longer find them.  If  someone has built such a freezer I would be interested in knowing how they did it.



8 years ago

I agree with steve. Also to add the amonia would be under extreme pressures or atleast the one i seen was. They used to be common in the old VW camper vans.. Folks back then never knew what they were using though and if i remember they were mostly fridges not freezers whihc were lower pressure. Sorry i could not help.


8 years ago

If you mean externally heated, these use an ammonia working fluid,. The reason they are expensive is the working fluid is a deadly poison.....