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building headphones need tips Answered

Hello , I'm not very smart (better then some people are tho) so I need some advice 
I'm building some headphones out of Lego , I have them all set up ( as in; Lego structure, speakers ready , head band , i have the wires)  what can I use to insulate them to bloke out sound also what should I use to make the padding so they can go on my ears also to remove all outside sound , is there any good ways to increase bass or just anything to make them better.



5 years ago

I try to headset production for many years, I can give you some advice. First of all, you can use the silicone or other professional glue, let the back of the unit and not leak. The back of the unit has a voice coil, in fact, you can use different tuning paper to modulate the sound of your want, is high or low sounds. The characteristics of the unit, of course, also want to see you. The rest is close to the ear of the sponge has great influence on the bass! I hope you will be successful