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bukkit server failed to show window Answered

hi everyone 

my server will run and make the other file but the terminal won't appear 
can you help me

i got a thinkpad edge with windows7 and 4gb of ram 


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The Skinnerz
The Skinnerz

8 years ago

Ensure that you have the latest version of Java installed (Java 7).

If the server still does not start, check that the file path specified in RUN.bat points to the location of your Java install.

Problems with Java can sometimes be averted by pointing RUN.bat to the copy of Java.exe stored in the windows sysWOW64 folder (or system32 if you are not running 64bit)

Have a look on the official forums, as they may be more helpful.

act casual
act casual

Answer 8 years ago

i an running java 7 and i tried changing the RUN.bat both ways you said and got the same thing

oh it process is still there in task manger when i run it
it work when my friend try it on there computer (windows xp).