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burning a hex using arduino isp Answered

i had programmed attiny with arduino via arduino as isp .
I was programing with atmel studio for a while and wanted to burn the hex file to a chip using arduino isp.
i tried a lot but always  was unsuccessful 
stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00 popped 
ny idea how to get rid of this and program it



3 years ago

ok the chips are atmega8,atmega16 and at89c52
where can i get the fuse setting correctly


Reply 3 years ago

That is a good question, as I said you need to find the right combo of bootloader, board settings and Arduino IDE version.
But usually if there is a bootloader installed you should be able to upload without any problems.
Best to check Google for your specific model and instructions for burning the bootloader and what Arduino IDE version to use.


3 years ago

You need the right Arduino IDE version for your board - not always is the latest the best for the job.
also need the support for the specific board in the IDE, for example my
Gen6 printer boad is a Sanguino but only when using a IDE version that
the specific Gen6 included can I burn a bootloader or upload hex files.
Using the generic Sanguino fails with a similar error message than yours.

The problem comes from the fuse settings as they must match the procedure in question and the board.